For Chair Person

Easy to handle all details of events


Manage Volunteer

For any event, You can invite or add volunteer for particular task and track their work

Expenses Handling

Easy to handle all expenses and track the money invested in event


Event Details

You can post all Event Details with start and end date, visbile to all parents

Easy to show result

On basis of kids entries easy to declare result after judging entries by judge online

For Parents

Track events of their kid's school


Submit Tasks online

Parent can easy to handle his child activities of event. They can submit the task online for event

Multiple Formats

Submit the tasks of child in form of text, audio or video


For Judges

Easy to judge kid event entries from anywhere


Judge kids entries

Judges can register and can see entries submitted by kids on different categories in the format of text, audio or video



On basis of entries, judges can give score out of 100 on basis of some factors. Judge can easily edit and submit the scores to chair

Our workflow of application


Chair person creates the events, invite volunteers for events, invite parents to participate their kids in events and invite judges to judge entries of kids

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After notification from chair. Parents register their child for events and submit kids entries on different part of events in form of image, audio and video.
The entries from parents goes to chair person. After that chair person assign judges for those entries.

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Score & Result

Judges registers for the event after notification from chair person, scores the event entries and submit the result back to chair person

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Our platform supported two different roles.

Please, choose one of them to sign up.

  • Parent
  • Very easy function and features for parents, Please SignUp to try the features of parent
  • Get detail about event of their kin's school
  • Add multiple kids
  • Add kids event entries
  • Submit kids entries in form of image, audio & video
  • Edit their kids entries before event finish
  • Register
  • School Chair
  • Very easy function and features for School Chair person, Please SignUp to try the features of chair
  • Enter details about SchoolPTA, Volunteers and PTABoard
  • Send links to parents to register their kids for events
  • Import/export template with tasks or add task on site
  • Assign task to Volunteers
  • Upload school logo, flyers and posters
  • Register

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